The all-magnetic beads are our number-one seller but adding color is always a option. We use no plastic or wood beads when adding color to your jewelry. We take great pride in using real stone or glass beads, and now have added metal beads. You will always have more magnet beads in our jewelry than colored beads because we want you to see the best results possible with our product and the magnetic beads are the ones that will help you see those results.



What to Expect from the Jewelry?


At first the jewelry should be worn 24 hours a day.  Each individual responds differently to the magnetic therapy. The quickness of the results will vary from minutes to hours to days.  Wear the jewelry as much as possible because it does not work unless you wear it.  Sleeping in the jewelry is very beneficial because your body heals better when it is at rest.  This helps speed up the process.


Wearing the jewelry as close to the pain site as possible is very beneficial.  A necklace can be used as a total body piece, but is also great for upper body pain such as headaches, shoulder, and neck pain.  A bracelet works well for shoulder to hand pain.  An anklet is recommended for any pain below the waist.


NOTE:  Do not wear magnets if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator without your Doctor's permission.

Best Seller 901
Best Seller 901 Bracelet

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